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Mentor Hour Roulette 👯

Online Via Zoom
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About this event

After a smash hit session in June, Mentor Hour Roulette is back again with the promise of connecting you with more amazing women in our community! Designed to help you mingle with others in the community, this lighthearted and fun networking session makes it easy to strike up conversations. Come share a little bit about yourself, what you're passionate about and let the convo roll on from there.

How it works

We'll spin the Roulette Wheel 3 times and randomly introduce you to 3-4 other members at a time. This is your opportunity to share about yourself, what you're passionate about, and why you're part of She Mentors. After the sessions, we'll host a group chat where you can ask for recommendations on who to book for your next Mentor Hour. Plus this is your chance to put your hand up and offer your hour to someone else!

What you'll gain

👉 Face-to-face networking with other members
👉 Relationship building with your community and the She Mentors team
👉 Opportunity to introduce yourself/share what you do
👉 A personalised mentor recommendation based on your needs


  • Intro from She Mentors team (5 mins)
  • Roulette Session 1 (10 mins)
  • Roulette Session 2 (10 mins)
  • Roulette Session 3 (10 mins)
  • Group Chat & Mentor Recommendations (15 mins)

Date & Location

  • Lunchtime Tuesday 9 August 2022
  • Session hosted online via Zoom

Please check your local time zone:

🕗 12:30pm (South Australia)
🕗 12:30pm (Northern Territory)
🕗 11am (Western Australia)

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