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ShareYourWins January

Private Facebook Group

About this event

#ShareYourWins is back in 2021! This is an amazing opportunity to take time to reflect each month and celebrate all of your achievements, however big or small.

On the last Friday of the month, we will post a #ShareYourWins thread inside our Private Members Facebook Group and ask you to drop a comment. It's also a chance for you to rally behind each other and offer support, guidance and love to other members.

Research shows that when we continually track small, incremental goals it can do wonders for our confidence and self belief.

"When we think about progress, we often imagine how good it feels to achieve a long-term goal or experience a major breakthrough. These big wins are great—but they are relatively rare. The good news is that even small wins can boost inner work life tremendously." - Teresa M Amabile and Steven J Kramer, Harvard Business Review

Without these micro-wins, the BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS won't happen. So take the time to reflect on the weeks gone by and remind yourself of the stepping stones. Whether it's learning a new skill; getting good feedback from a colleague; or booking your first Mentor Hour (yay), ALL of these things help you get closer to where you want to be.

Register now to get an email reminder when the thread kicks off! Please note, you will not receive a Zoom link for this event. It will take place via a live Facebook thread.

How it works

  • Look out for the #ShareYourWins thread inside our private Facebook group
  • Drop a comment and tell us your win / loss / learning for the month
  • Respond to other comments and celebrate the women around you
  • Heart react to your favourite comment to help us decide a winner

The Prize

As this membership is about giving back and making a difference, we would like to make a charity donation on behalf of the winner. We are keen to support NFP and local charities that empower women and girls. The winner will decide which of our partner charities receives the donation. More details coming soon!

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