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Help! I’m not getting booked for Mentor Hours

Help! I'm not getting booked for Mentor Hours - Image - She Mentors

Help! I’m not getting booked for Mentor Hours

Want to boost your profile and receive more Mentor Hour bookings? Here are our best tips and tricks to help get you noticed in our community and make the most from your membership.

One thing's for certain: the more active you are in our Facebook Group and at our events, the more other members learn who you are and what you're all about!. Here are some ways to increase your visibility:

1. Revamp your profile

Your profile is the number one way to guarantee you'll get noticed. Consider adding keywords into your title or beefing up your Skills & Experience. The more details you include in your profile the better! This helps other members get to know you. Remember, She Mentors isn’t just about who you are as a professional. We want to hear your family, where you’re from and what you value. Help us get to know your personality and style!

2. Be active in the Facebook group

The second best way to get noticed is inside our private Facebook group. Tale some time to connect with other members: comment on threads, provide tips and advice, and show some love for your fellow members. You might also like to say 'howdy' by posting a call-out with the hashtag #bookmyhour and tell us a little about yourself, including how you can help.

3. Speak up at events

Our events are where we connect in between Mentor Hours and provide a perfect opportunity to get noticed! Our favourite thing is seeing members be active in the chat, turning on their cameras/mics on and sharing their knowledge. You can always show your support of other members by weighing in with helpful answers and resources.

Pro tip: We often look to our star VIP members to host Group Mentor Hours. Sound like you? Make yourself known to the She Mentors team by being front and centre.

4. Let us help!

Molly, our Customer Success Manager, is your helping hand with all-things She Mentors! She loves nothing more than seeing you enjoy yourself, so get in touch with us at and tell us more about your skills and experience. If you're a VIP member, please enquire about our Member Spotlights and features.

5. Share your pics

If you do a Mentor Hour or catchup with anyone in the membership, don't forget to share a pic inside the Facebook Group with details of what you discussed! This is often how members get 'discovered'. We love to post them across socials, too!

Rest assured the team at She Mentors is here to help you succeed. We are beyond grateful to have you in our community and know you will be a fantastic support to other women.

In the meantime, make sure you book a Mentor Hour with someone else so you can continue growing your network.

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