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How does it work?

What's She Mentors all about?

Sick of working alone? Wish you had your own team of advisors to call on when you get stuck? 🙋‍♀️

Join She Mentors and get instant access to an innovative tech platform and HUNDREDS of influential women all over Australia and New Zealand.

Our membership gives you a platform to tell your story, share skills and build genuine relationships. Each month book 1:1 calls with anyone in the network. Meet in-person or hop online, the choice is yours!

No sneaky sales pitches, no superficial conversations... just a vibrant community of women, ready to help each other succeed.

It's time to broaden your horizons, think outside the box and gain that all-important visibility and recognition that will help you make a bigger impact on the world 🚀

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Step 1: Pledge 1 hour each month

Step 1: Pledge 1 hour each month

She Mentors is powered by a 'giving first' mentality. Create a member profile and pledge 1 hour each month* to help someone else 🙌

Your profile will be published to our private network of influential members across Australia and New Zealand, who can then book in time to chat with you. This is a great opportunity to showcase your skills and experiences, and get noticed by people who matter.

*Please note, this doesn't mean you automatically get booked each month. It just means you are available if/when someone needs you.

Step 2:  Tap into a HUGE network of knowledge

Step 2: Tap into a HUGE network of knowledge

In return, each month you can browse hundreds of member profiles and book two calls p/m with anyone in the network.

Filter by industry, skills and location to find members in your local area (and all over Australia) who can help you take the next step in your career or business.

Bounce ideas, get a fresh perspective or learn new skills! The 'give and take' is what maintains the spirit of the community and ensures we only attract beautiful souls, committed to helping each other succeed ✨

Step 3: Meet in-person or online

Step 3: Meet in-person or online

The best thing about She Mentors is the opportunity to network one-on-one with inspiring women all over Australia and New Zealand, at a time that suits you.

It's completely your choice who you meet and what you talk about. Grab a coffee, hang out online... whatever works best for you!

We now have communities in all major cities, including regional areas, so let's get those in-person Mentor Hours happening ✨

Wait List

Membership is currently closed. Hop on the wait for next enrolment!

The challenges we face

    Gender Pay Gap Has stagnated at 22.8% (WGEA)

    Women's representation in leadership declines with seniority (McKinsey & Co)

    Female consultants charge up to 38% LESS than that their male peers

    Women care deeply about opportunities to advance

Is this membership right for you?

✔️ You're tired of being underpaid, undervalued and underrepresented

✔️ Some days you feel on top of the world; other days you're questioning everything 🤷‍♀️

✔️ You're impatient for growth... but it feels like you're treading water

✔️ You have so many great ideas racing round in your head... but need clarity and confidence to execute them

Our members have described She Mentors as “magical”, “life changing”, and “deeply affirming”.

Why? It’s all down to our community and the values we share 🥰. The reciprocal nature of our membership (the opportunity to give and receive mentorship) means we only attract women who genuinely want to empower women to succeed.

No agendas or sales pitches, just women helping each other out

    Grow Your Network

    Accelerate Your Success

    Share Your Knowledge

    Find Your Peeps!

Who is this membership for?

Purpose-driven professionals, organisations and women in business. We see the HUGE untapped potential for cross-polinating our networks and sharing knowledge, skills and life experiences.

Whether you're switching careers, launching a business, or just hungry to learn, She Mentors will help connect you to a buzzing network of women who can help you succeed, faster.

This isn't a sales platform. It's a heart centred community that thrives on diversity of thought and a genuine need to help each other. These women will become life-long friends (seriously!) and cheer you on every step of the way.

Membership is closed

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Corporate Memberships

New for 2023 🚀

To complement our flagship product The Mentor Hour, we are delighted to announce TWO exciting new event series for 2023: Career & Leadership Roundtables and a Business Growth Series.

These 12-month programs will provide a forum to discuss ideas, experiences and learnings in a group environment.

Each event will include 30 mins of post-event networking and a 'Mentor Showcase' where we highlight relevant members in the community.

Best of all? These event series are completely free for She Mentors members 🥳

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