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I don’t know where to start… Help me find a mentor!

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I don’t know where to start… Help me find a mentor!

Are you feeling unsure about what you need help with? 🤔 Are you overwhelmed at seeing so many amazing members on the platform and wondering who to book a Mentor Hour with? We’ve got you!

To help you clarify the areas of your life that could use a boost, take a look at the Wheel of Life graphic below.

1. Which areas of your life need attention?

Developed by author and coach, Tony Robbins, the Wheel of Life is a powerful tool that gives you a visual way to understand the current balance of your life. It breaks your life down into the key areas of Career, Finance, Personal growth, Health, Family, Relationships, Social life and Attitude. Then, you can assess a pathway forward based on your vision for your life.

Print out or draw the graphic below, then rate yourself from 1-10 in each area, with higher scores indicating satisfaction, happiness and success and lower scores indicating an opportunity for improvement.

Wheel of Life-She Mentors-Tony Robbins

2. Pick 1-2 areas to focus on each quarter

Which categories did you score lowest on? These are great places to start with during your She Mentors journey.

Focusing on just one or two key areas will help you hone your focus and allow you to drill down into these specific areas of improvement.

Now you’re ready to connect with as many mentors in this category as possible. After all, self-discovery, listening to fresh perspectives and being open to new ways of thinking are amazing ways to broaden your horizons.

If you chose... Career / Business

Chances are you’re thinking about growth opportunities. Connect with one of our Career Coaches to map out the right next steps. Want to grow your network? Book an hour with Leaders and CEOs who can share their valuable insights.

Starting a business? Talk shop with other business owners, side hustlers or consultants. Better still, book an hour with a Business Coach to get crystal clear on your next move.

If you chose.. Finance

Want to feel in control of your finances? Whether it's sticking to your budget, investing in your side hustle, discovering clever ways to make money, or staying up with your personal finances our Finance experts can guide you.

Choose from a number of accountants, bookkeepers, investment bankers and money mindset coaches to give you all the up-to-date info you need to help you make informed decisions.

If you chose... Personal growth

Are you on track with your goals? You could have the clearest goals in the world but if you don’t have a roadmap, reaching them is a challenge. It’s time to book in an hour with one of our incredible Self Development, Mindset or Life Coaches. They’ll not only map out a personalised action plan with you, but they can also help with ‘soul searching’ your ‘why’ so you can narrow down your optimal goals in the first place!

If you chose... Health

We could all use a health boost now and then. Book an hour with one of our health and fitness mentors and kick-start your new health goals.

Keen to revamp your diet and focus on healthy eating? Spend some time talking through your options with our Health and Wellbeing coaches, who are nutritionists and wellness experts. If creating an exercise is your new area of focus, our Fitness Coaches are ready to cheer you on.

If you picked... Family

Chances are you’re pulled in a hundred directions. Maybe you need a pep talk from a fellow parent? Or do you need to be more productive at work so you can free up your evenings for the family? We have plenty of members who can help with productivity and time management.

New to the world of motherhood? Book an hour with a fellow New Mum to organise a play date or just have a chat with someone who can relate to your experiences.

If you chose... Relationships

From networking with influential people to articulating your worth to your boss, the cornerstone to strong relationships is clear communication. Polishing up your communication and networking skills is as simple as booking some time with our Communication, Networking and Partnerships experts.

If strengthening communication in your relationships at home is your focus, check out our Empathy and Emotional Intelligence experts.

If you chose... Social life

Craving real, in-person catchups? Start building a busy social life by searching your local city and connecting with women for IN-PERSON Mentor Hours. Find members in your local area:


If you chose... Attitude / Mindset

If you’re ready for a confidence boost or if your self-belief has dwindled, our Confidence and Life Coaches can help cast some light on your strengths so you can feel powerful again.

You can have all the hard skills in the world to achieve your goals, but a strong balanced mindset will always be your most important skill. Like any other skill, mindset and motivation both take practice, so come have a chat our Mindset and Motivation Coaches.

Ready to get started?

When browsing member profiles, consider the following questions:

  • What are you interested in learning more about?
  • What has challenged you this month?
  • What brought you to the She Mentors platform in the first place?
  • Which member profiles spark your curiosity?
  • What stage are you at in your career or business? Consider speaking to industry peers a few steps ahead of you
  • What are you working on right now? Is there a faster, more efficient way of doing it?

Remember, you don’t need a ‘reason’ to reach out to another member. Just select ‘let’s do coffee’ in the booking form.

Booking form-She mentors-Lets get coffee

Here are some additional resources to help you on your way.

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