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7 Tips to Help Boost Your Visibility at Work

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7 Tips to Help Boost Your Visibility at Work

What’s holding you back from being visible at work? This was the question asked by Thought Leader, Winitha Bonney in our recent ‘How to Boost Your Visibility’ event.

As we grow from children to young people, we often change who we are to fit the world. Becoming visible is the work you do in adulthood to take back space and return to your essence.

Visibility is not just about personal branding. “It's about being heard. When you're being seen, you are being heard for who you are and what you’re saying”, says Winitha.

In this thought-provoking session hosted by Winitha Bonney and Ann Pocock, we discovered clever ways to leverage our own unique story and the importance of amplifying the voices of others.

“When we show up and be visible, we’re giving permission for others to do the same. And by elevating others you’re also working on elevating yourself in the process.”

Tips for Boosting Your Visibility

  • Look for people in your networks whose voices you can help elevate
  • Reach out to allies who can use their influence to elevate you
  • Pay special attention to people whose contributions are being missed, undermined or overlooked
  • Move from email/text to Zoom/phone to be more visible
  • What's happening in your industry? Put your hand up for opportunities
  • Decide what you actually want to be visible for
  • Create a mission statement and a website to help put your essence in front of people

As always, a huge thank you to Ann and Winitha for guiding us through these essential conversations. <3

Watch: How to Boost Your Visibility at Work

Our Leadership Huddle series aims to provide you with opportunities to grow your network and develop your leadership skills. Our next session of the Leadership Huddle on Tuesday 26 October, 1pm is all about ‘How to Negotiate Effectively’. Love how that sounds? Come check us out!

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