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Why Women In Business Should Use 'The Amplification Strategy'

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Why Women In Business Should Use 'The Amplification Strategy'

I was incredibly inspired when I read about The Amplification Strategy, a phrase coined by the women of the White House in 2016.

According to The Washington Post, when President Obama took office, two-thirds of his top aides were men. Women complained of having to elbow their way into important meetings – and when they got in, their voices were sometimes ignored.

So they adopted a meeting strategy called 'amplification': when a woman made a key point, other women would repeat it, crediting the woman who came up with it, and forcing others to acknowledge that women had just as much to contribute.

One former Obama aide told the Washington Post that the dedication to amplifying each other’s voices paid off ― Obama began calling on and consulting with more women. “We just started doing it, and made a purpose of doing it,” she said. “It was an everyday thing.”

During Obama's second term, women gained parity with men in the president's inner circle

I think this is something we can all do at work. And it's actually one of the reasons I created the She Mentors MeetUp group: to connect, support and inspire women in business.

And i'm happy to report that this "amplification strategy" is widely practised within the group! We are a group of women who help each other succeed. Want to join? Become a She Mentors member today.

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