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Looking for ways to strengthen your brand and attract more women in the workplace? Want to position yourself as a purpose-driven organisation committed to gender equality?

She Mentors is delighted to announce the rollout of corporate memberships for companies on a mission to make a difference. This is an exciting opportunity to create a meaningful impact that aligns with your company values.

Buy a membership and gift the women in your company VIP memberships so they can share skills, insights and stories with professional women all over Australia.

Not only will this help support, educate and inspire your team, according to Deloitte “purpose-driven companies witness higher market share gains and grow on average three times faster than their competitors, all the while achieving higher employee and customer satisfaction”.

Build your company profile

    Strengthen your brand

    Attract more women in the workplace

    Increase retention

    Make a difference

Step 1: Buy a Corporate Membership

Step 1: Buy a Corporate Membership

Get in touch to buy a Corporate Membership for the women in your team and boost your reputation as an industry leader committed to gender equality. Your company will enjoy a public profile page, endorsements, social shouts and opportunities to showcase your women leaders at future events.

Step 2:  Promote a culture of giving back

Step 2: Promote a culture of giving back

Give your employees the opportunity to share knowledge, skills and wisdom with other women all over Australia. This value exchange is proven to boost confidence and wellbeing.

“Helping others does wonders for our own mental health and emotional wellbeing. And so in practising kindness, we're also taking care of ourselves” - The Mental Health Foundation

Step 3: Drive internal performance

Step 3: Drive internal performance

Employees involved in mentoring are promoted 5 times MORE than those who aren’t, reports Gartner. Why? Mentoring builds strong relationships and a sense of purpose – two key drivers of happiness. And it's no secret that happy employees are more productive, making for a successful company.

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Help foster a sense of purpose in employees

    Create Meaningful Impact

    Build Trust

    Lead With Purpose

    Invest In Your People

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If you have 20+ women in your company and think She Mentors could be a good fit, drop us a note and we can hop on a call to discuss!

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