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Book Club: 'Delusions of Gender' by Cordelia Fine

Online via Zoom

About this event

Welcome to the She Mentors Book Club, a place where we come together over a new book relating to women in business, hosted by one of our very own members!

Open to VIP members, we'll be connecting via Zoom for a group book club discussion every second month.

This means you have lots of time to purchase or borrow and read the books, which were selected by popular vote in our private members-only Facebook group!

How does it work?

All you have to do is register and we will send you the Zoom link on the night. Each session may take a slightly different form as your host freely chooses the format and style of discussion, but rest assured it's a friendly, relaxed space to chat and meet new members.

Date & Location

Date: Thursday 25th February, 2021 at 8:00pm AEST for approx 1 hour.

Location: Online via Zoom (link will be sent to you immediately upon registering)

Don't worry if you haven't finished the book, come along anyway!

About the book

In 'Delusions of Gender', philosopher, psychologist and writer Cordelia Fine takes aim at the popular notion that male brains and female brains are 'wired differently, and that this results in men and women behaving in ways that reinforce outdated gender stereotypes.

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Book Club - 'Delusions of Gender' by Cordelia Fine - Image - She Mentors

About Jane Taylor

Jane Taylor is a Positive Leadership Practitioner who helps people who are struggling with their teams develop positive leadership strategies and put them into practice. Jane has extensive international business experience in finance and strategy. She also has a personal passion for Positive Psychology and how we can put it to work to make business a better place for people to thrive.

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