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Career Change: Should You Stay Or Go?

Online via Zoom

About this event

Thinking about a career change? Dreaming about a new job in a completely different industry but afraid to take flight? You're not alone! In fact, our community is full of women who have taken courageous steps into uncharted territory.

Last month She Mentors member Lori Scinto reached out to our community on Facebook to see who had switched careers later in life... and the post blew up with inspiring stories! So what better way to share our experiences than through a Group Mentor Hour?

In this session, you'll hear from guest speakers (your fellow members!) who've navigated career changes. You'll discover how you too can tackle this murky, sometimes scary, transition to find a more rewarding career.

Lori is an entrepreneur, adventurer and animal enthusiast. She'll be speaking to Jude Stevens, a leader in financial services turned founder of Styling by Lumiere, and Lory Costa, She Mentors' very own Full-Stack Software Engineer.

We'll discuss:

👉 Why you might be thinking about a career change
👉 The benefits that a career change brings
👉 Obstacles you might face (i.e. your own fear, roadblocks from your current work)
👉 Planning a new career pathway
👉 Mistakes and lessons learned along the way
👉 Advice from career changers who've been there and done it!


  • Intro from Lori Scinto (5 mins)
  • Guest speaker discussion hosted by Lori (30 mins)
  • Opportunity to share your insights/questions via the chat (20 mins)
  • Wrap up and key takehomes (5 mins)

Join us at lunchtime on Tuesday 28 June for a group discussion. Come ready to listen, learn and share with your She Mentors community. Lori will invite some people to unmute themselves and share their experiences.

Date & Location

Lunchtime Tuesday 28 June 2022
Session hosted online via Zoom

Please check your local time zone (include time zone AND state)

🕗 1pm (VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD)
🕗 12:30pm (SA, NT)
🕗 11am (Western Australia)

About Our speakers


Lori Scinto is an American Australian who migrated to Australia in 2003 and became an Australian citizen in 2008. She's worked in a variety of fields in both the U.S. and Australia including conservation, information technology, community services and most recently, entrepreneurship.

Guest speakers

Judith Stevens is a personal stylist and the founder of Styling by Lumiere, helping people of all backgrounds become more confident in themselves and their styles. Before she started Styling by Lumiere in 2017, Jude was pursuing a career in the financial services industry. She's had leadership roles where she was part of the management team and was a people leader. After working in finance for 20+ years, the time was right to follow her passion.

Lory Costa is a wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend above all else. She's also a Software Developer with a background in Human Resources (and many other random jobs, like assisting a party clown 🤗), She's curious and likes understanding how things work.

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