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Career Roadmap Workshop

Online via Zoom

About this event

Looking for more fulfilment? Considering a career change? Whatever stage you're at in your professional career, a roadmap can help you stay connected to your goals and bring your vision to life.

In this interactive workshop, Career and Leadership Coach, Laura Thain, will help you build a career roadmap that aligns with your values. You’ll gain the clarity, focus and confidence you need to take action toward your goals.

The benefits of crafting a career roadmap are numerous. Converting your hopes and dreams into practical, actionable tasks is the key to making them a reality. 

If you know where your career is going (or if you don't, that’s okay too!) and you’re ready to hone your vision, this session is for you!

We'll discuss

👉 The impact of wellbeing on your goals (and vice versa). RUOKAY?
👉 How to build a Career Roadmap that aligns with your unique values
👉 Ways to identify possible career paths for your profession
👉 Getting clarity on the skills and attributes you'll need to progress
👉 The importance of leveraging networks (who, how, why)
👉 Personalising timelines, goals and action steps for sustainable success

Agenda (1.5 hours)

  • Intro from She Mentors team (5 mins)
  • Speaker presentation (45 mins)
  • Main room sharing (15 mins)
  • Wrap (5 mins)
  • Post-event Networking & Mentor Showcase (30 mins)

We’ll close out the session with an optional 30-minute 'Knowledge Sharing' segment where we’ll invite you to share what's worked and what hasn't worked in your business, so others can learn from it.

We will also showcase relevant mentors in our community who work in this space and may be able to offer Mentor Hours to help you dive deeper into a particular topic

Date & Location

  • Lunchtime on Wednesday 1 March 2023
  • Session hosted online via Zoom

Please check your local time zone (include time zone AND state)

🕗 1pm AEDT (VIC, NSW, ACT)
🕗 12pm AEST (QLD)
🕗 12:30pm ACST (SA)
🕗 11:30am ACST (NT)
🕗 10am AWST (WA)

About Laura Thain

With more than 18 years in the industry, Laura is an ICF Certified Coach and is the Founder of Optimise Talent Coaching. Her focus is on empowering others to build a career that excites them, without sacrificing the life they want to live. Laura has a deep rooted passion for helping others to find consistent motivation, confidence and happiness at work, without burning out. And, she is on a mission to show as many people as possible that it’s easier and faster than they think to make it happen and do work that they love.

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