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Sally A Illingworth - Image - She Mentors - LinkedIn Trend Forecasting 2021

Group Mentor Hour: LinkedIn Trend Forecasting


About this event

Group Mentor Hours are community-lead events and available exclusively for VIP members.

Want to leverage the latest LinkedIn trends? Looking for easy ways to amplify your content and reach more people?

In the next Group Mentor Hour, Sally A Illingworth will share her knowledge of the LinkedIn platform and help us identify the right trends to jump on, depending on our objective. She’ll also offer her top insights into how the platform will evolve over the next 6 months.

With 95,000 followers, Sally is globally recognised for her approach to strategic communications and influence development, so this is an amazing opportunity to gather industry insights from an expert living and breathing this stuff every day.

Date & Location

- Online via Zoom

- Wednesday 11th November, 8-9pm AEST / Melbourne

Your Zoom link will be delivered to your inbox as soon as you register. Make sure you add She Mentors to your 'safe senders' to ensure you receive. Please reach out if you encounter any problems and we'll be happy to help!

You'll learn

  • What’s working right now on LinkedIn
  • Examples of Sally’s best-performing posts (and why they worked!)
  • Easy ways to amplify your LinkedIn content
  • What the next 6 months of LinkedIn will look like
  • Trend forecasting / predictions for 2021
  • All your nitty-gritty questions plus share your own learnings

About Sally A illingworth

Sally is a calculative action taker who thrives in fast-paced and complex adaptive environments - globally recognised for her approach to strategic communications and influence development through narrative design. Passionate about business, Sally enjoys working on strategically important projects and leading change. Her energetic and engaging manner supports the effectiveness of her efforts to the benefit of all stakeholders.

As one of Australia's leading LinkedIn Business Media Personalities and Educators, Sally boasts over 89M ORGANIC content impressions with an average Feed Content Engagement Rate of 2.76% with second order exposure to the effect of 131 Million. Sally's approach to strategic content marketing is anchored to the art of Analytical Reasoning.

At age 18 Sally was one of Australia’s youngest Franchisees and at the age of 22 she was recognised by News Corp as the 59th most powerful person in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Contact Sally directly via

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