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How to develop CORE confidence - Image - 'You Got This' Quote - Event - Kate Boorer - She Mentors

How To Connect With Your Core Confidence


About this event

Whether you're selling a product, negotiating a pay rise, or launching a business, confidence is a critical success factor.

Research shows that most women will experience a crisis of confidence at some point in their career, regardless of what they do, who they work with or how highly they are regarded.

Author of Core Confidence, Kate Boorer has spent a decade working with a variety of modalities, programs, coaching techniques and experts to unpack the beliefs and behaviours that limit forward movement in business and life.

Co-author of Core Confidence, Fiona Pearman works with organisations to shift the systemic and structural barriers that impede gender equity. Fiona's passion is supporting gender-balanced workplaces that harness the collective strengths of a diverse workforce.

We discuss

👉 Explore why confidence is the X factor when it comes to achieving your goals

👉 Spotlight where a lack of confidence is getting in the way of achieving what you want in career and life

👉 Show you sustainable ways to stay connected with your Core Confidence

About Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman

In 2018 Fiona and Kate’s book Core Confidence was published, the result of years of research and insights working with courageous women willing to challenge the status quo.

Fiona and Kate’s research revealed that despite there being lots information about confidence generally – there is very little that provides a practical how-to guide to address this issue.

Having shared their work at conferences, forums, panels and within organisations both in Australia and internationally, they have learnt how universal this topic of confidence is. Both men and women find there are times when their confidence wavers and affects their presence and influence which then has an impact on their career.

Fiona and Kate partner with organisations on specific interventions that address the systemic and structural dynamics that influence the gender imbalance present in many leadership pipelines.

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