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How to Spark an Emotional Connection


About this event

Want to develop deeper, more meaningful relationships with co-workers, clients or friends? Wish you had the skills to spark an instant connection with people who matter?

The way we communicate has the power to awaken the senses of others and inspire them to take action. Our voice, body language and sense of self all have a huge influence on how others see us – and how we see ourselves.

When we can learn to tap into our own natural communication toolkit, people start to interact with us differently. Suddenly, we find people listen to us and we form genuine connections more easily. As we step into our own unique voice more, we grow in confidence and our self belief skyrockets.

In ‘How to spark an emotional connection’ (Tuesday 26 July, lunchtime), hosted by Public Speaking Coach, Rashmi Watel, we’re exploring ways we can master our unique communication style to help us spark real emotional connections with others.

Rashmi comes to us as an award-winning speaker featured by TedX (watch her TedX talk), ABC News and Toastmasters, among others.

From the psychology of language to harnessing your natural charisma, this session is designed to give you practical ideas and tools to help you connect from the soul.

Whether you’re speaking to your team, boss, customers, clients, presenting to a room full of people, or interested in developing better relationships with friends and family, this is for you.

We'll discuss

👉 Why emotional connection is important
👉 The psychology of language and techniques you can use
👉 The importance of body language in building trust and self-confidence
👉 Harnessing the power of our own unique voice (i.e. intonation, volume)
👉 How to feel confident by using the 'giving mindset'
👉 Alternate ways of communicating for diverse groups and individuals
👉 How to be where you are – advice for introverts and extroverts


  • Intro from She Mentors (5 mins)
  • Speaker presentation by Rashmi Watel (30 mins)
  • Group discussion and Q&A (25 mins)
  • Wrap up and key takehomes (5 mins)
  • * Post-event breakout rooms (25 mins) – new offering!

* Keen to discuss what you've learned further? For this event, we're delivering an additional breakout room discussion at 2pm after the event. This is a completely optional offering that invites you to stick around and delve a little deeper with your peers on what we've just learned.

Date & Location

Lunchtime Tuesday 26 July 2022
Session hosted online via Zoom

Please check your local time zone (include time zone AND state)

🕗 1pm (VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD)
🕗 12:30pm (SA, NT)
🕗 11am (Western Australia)

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About Rashmi Watel

Migrating from India, Rashmi has set up home and business in Perth, Western Australia.

Despite being qualified as an Electronics and Telecommunications engineer and having an MBA, she found it difficult to achieve a sense of acceptance in a new cultural environment that is not user friendly to non-native English-speaking people.

Rashmi uses this personal experience as the passionate motivation to help empower women and children from linguistically and culturally diverse backgrounds to achieve happiness, self-belief and confidence at work and in the community. Her presentation inspires and motivates attendees to strive for and achieve a sense of well being in their newly adopted circumstances.

She also helps non-native English speakers to hone the English language and to have confidence to communicate in public such that they can participate in the normal day to day economic life in Australia.

Her notable achievements include being a TEDx Speaker and setting up a Company to support non-native English Speakers. As a strong advocate on the importance of mental health, she creates awareness about mental health issues through her company’s social initiative.

Link to Rashmi's Tedx Talk On TED's website : Is Happiness our birthright : A woman's perspective

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