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Supercharge your productivity-She Mentors event-May 2023

How to Supercharge Your Productivity


About this event

Want to supercharge your productivity? Keen to use the latest trends and technologies, but not sure how best to utilise them?

The world is buzzing with chatter about ChatGPT (excuse the pun) and Artificial Intelligence "disrupting the workplace". So what better time to gather our members together to explore the pros and cons of AI?

Join our panellists, Samantha Doctora, Product Manager at DotDev and Chloe Bright, Automations & Systems Expert, for a fun and informative panel event that explores the various ways in which AI is impacting workplaces and understand how to benefit from it too 🚀

You'll learn

👉 The latest trends and innovations in AI and workplace technology

👉 How to future-proof your job or business and stay ahead of the curve

👉 Innovative ways to automate everyday tasks (data entry, email, meetings)

👉 How leaders are saving hours of time each day using the latest tools

👉 The pros and cons of ChatGPT and how companies are using it

👉 How to effectively prioritise and remain in your 'Zone of Genius'

👉 Examples of how AI can save you time and money by optimising processes

👉 Our pick of the best tools and technologies to supercharge your productivity

You'll leave with a better understanding of how AI is impacting workplaces and practical insights into how you can leverage AI to drive business success. 🚀


  • The Future of Work presentation by Samantha Doctora (5-10 mins)
  • Panel discussion with Chloe Bright and Samantha Doctora (45 mins)
  • Audience Q&A (10 mins)
  • Mentor Showcase & Match-Making (15 mins)

Date and location

  • Lunchtime on Wednesday 10 May 2023
  • Session hosted online via Zoom

Please check your local time zone (include time zone AND state)


🕗 12:30pm ACST (SA, NT)

🕗 11:00am AWST (WA)

About our panellists

Samantha Doctora is a Product Manager and data-driven, multidisciplinary creative at DotDev, delivering high-performance solutions for some of Australia's most popular fashion, lifestyle and retail brands.

Chloe Bright is our resident Online Business Manager and founder of Strategy x Soul, helping overwhelmed business owners take back their time with strategic, supportive systems and automation.

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