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Shaking up the Future of Work with Chloe Bright


About this event

Want to shake up the future of work for women? Join Chloe Bright for a Group Mentor Hour to discuss ways we can embrace feminine energy at work.

In a recent Facebook post in our private members community, Chloe shared her thoughts:

"I’m on a mission to change what working looks like for women. I think that the way work is currently structured is really masculine driven and society's current standards don’t work for a lot of people, especially women. With technology having advanced as much as it has, I really feel like the way that we work needs a shake up and needs to embrace feminine energy. Big mission and big opinion, I know. I’d love to know your thoughts, feedback and experience around this."

With so many members commenting on the post and sharing personal experiences, (and horror stories!), we decIded to open this up as a Group Mentor Hour on Thursday 29 July at 1pm AEST.


  • 1pm: Intro by Ali Adey
  • 1.05pm: Summary of topic by Chloe Bright
  • 1.15pm: Open-group conversation and ideas sharing
  • 2pm: Key action points and wrap up

Group Mentor Hours are designed to be interactive and informal, no structured presentation or format, just a group convo! If you're passionate about seeing the future of work change for women, come ready to share your thoughts and let's inspire each other with practical ideas to take away into our lives!

This event is available for all members so bring your lunch, coffee, notebook and let's put the world to rights! 💪

About Chloe Bright

Chloe Bright, founder of Strategy x Soul, specialises in helping coaches and creatives with strategy and support so they can spend more time doing what they love.

Chloe is an Online Business Manager and Content Marketer for heart led women in business who are looking to have a greater impact. She’s been described as ‘a breath of fresh air in business’ and ‘highly intuitive.’

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