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How Kate Morris built

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About this podcast

Want to know how Kate Morris grew and scaled, Australia’s longest-running online beauty store?

With just $12,000 to her name (borrowed from her boyfriend's dad), Kate started Adore Beauty in her garage in 1999. Living off noodles and microwave meals, she bootstrapped for several years until she negotiated a 25% investment deal with Woolworths.

Fast forward to 2020 and Adore Beauty is now listed on the ASX and is reported to be worth $650million.

So what is the key to Kate's success? How did she know the right time to seek investment? What lessons has she learnt?

In this podcast episode, Kate shares the highs and lows of growing and scaling Adore Beauty. She talks about company culture, handling conflict, rejection and knock-backs.

It's easy to see why she's won countless awards, including Telstra Young Businesswoman of the Year, the Industry Recognition Award for online retail AND she been inducted into the Australian Businesswomen’s Network Hall of Fame.

She’s also a gender equality activist and is passionate about empowering women and driving change. She lives and breathes her values and is happy to ‘"ight for what’s important. You do it for your daughters, sisters, colleagues".

We absolutely loved interviewing Kate for the She Mentors podcast and hope you enjoy this interview as much we did.

We discuss

👉 How she started Adore Beauty in her garage

👉 Bootstrapping & knowing the right time to seek investment

👉 Handling conflict, rejection and knock-backs

👉 What she attributes her success to

👉 How to avoid a toxic work culture

👉 Standing up for what she believes in

👉 The importance of growing a solid network

About Kate Morris

Kate Morris is an entrepreneur and founder of, Australia’s longest-running online beauty store. Now worh $650 million and listed on the ASX, Adore Beauty has gone from strength to strength.

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