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How To Be a Better Ally To People of Colour

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About this podcast

In this episode of our Diversity Series, we have a truly thought-provoking chat with thought leader, Winitha Bonney on how to be a better advocate to people of colour.

This episode is for anyone wanting to be part of an expanding conversation about how we can help support inclusion and diversity – in the workplace and society as a whole.

We discuss:

👉 Calling out and tackling workplace racism
👉 What to do when you experience or witness racism
👉 How popular culture frames our perspectives
👉 Shame, guilt and reverse racism
👉 Identifying unconscious mico-aggressions in our daily lives
👉 Understanding different nuances
👉 Having more compassionate convos with POC
👉 Dismantling your fear of saying the wrong thing
👉 Serving not 'saving'

About Winnifer Bonney

Winitha Bonney is Australia's first and foremost Thought Leader in the advancement of People of Colour and in building anti-fragile cultures of allyship.

She has over 22 years of experience in executive roles, has founded several businesses and is a person with multiple 'lived experiences'. This has provided Winitha with an incredible amount of unique insights, experiences and expertise to help people of colour become leaders and successful entrepreneurs. And to support leaders and businesses to create inclusive, connected and engaged organisations and communities through an anti-fragile culture of allyship.

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