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How to Boost Your Confidence & Self Belief

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About this podcast

In this podcast episode we chat with the wonderful Lucy Allen, founder of The Graceful Collective.

Lucy recently quit her full time job in PR to pursue her coaching business. But it wasn't an easy decision – she battled self doubt, imposter syndrome and financial fear. But after a year of side hustling and soul searching, Lucy stopped making excuses and finally took the leap.

Here she shares her story: the highs and lows, the breakthrough moments and tips for dealing with that inner critic (hey, Barb).

This episode is for anyone who needs a confidence boost and a nice dose of daily inspo!

About Lucy Allen

Lucy Allen is a Career + Confidence Coach who is passionate about empowering high achievers to flex their resilience muscles and create their happiest work and home life.

Lucy blends coaching with over a decade of PR and marketing experience, which has seen her work with major brands such as Red Bull, Levi Strauss and ANZ. She has managed big teams and big personalities, and has an innate understanding how to motivate people both in and out of the workplace.

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