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How to Design your Day for Max. Productivity

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About this podcast

Find yourself constantly caught in back-to-back meetings? Compulsively checking Slack, LinkedIn and email notifications and derailing your own focus? We hear you!

With a steady stream of calendar invites and notifications flying our way all day, it’s a wonder how we ever stay focussed long enough to get anything done!

Worse still, if not checked, those little digital nags and pings can eat into our coffee breaks, walks and exercise and have detrimental consequences on our mental health!

Luckily, our resident Time-Saving Queen, Nicole Smith, has the answers! In February, she facilitated a Group Mentor Hour inside the She Mentors membership to help us regain control of our day.

Now you can listen to all her tips and tricks on the go!

This interactive episode is loaded with advice, so we recommend having a notebook handy to help you make notes and start planning your day for max productivity.

Want to get to know other women like Nicole and share your own expertise? Join our membership and book 1:1 Mentor Hours with women who can help you smash your goals. Connect with Nicole over on

We discuss

👉 Designing your day from start to end with Nicole’s sample schedule

👉 Plotting out what your ideal day looks like

👉 Helping you to prioritise personal vs professional commitments

👉 Taking back control of your energy and time

About Nicole Smith

Nicole works with fabulous business owners to replace overwhelm with calm and control in their business and personal lives.

If you want to talk about workflows, processes, systems, tools, general business/life tips, CLICKUP and much more you are in the right place.

With over 16 years working within international corporations and multi-million dollar SME's, Nicole has acquired a vast level of knowledge and experience that she cannot wait to share with you.

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