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Mentor Awards Party 2020 🎉

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About this podcast

Listen to inspiring stories from women in business who've battled COVID lockdown and supported each other throughout 2020.

In this episode, we share the recording of our Mentor Awards Party and celebrate the strength and resilience of the She Mentors community.

It was a night filled with laughter, tears, nostalgia, JOY and new beginnings. This year, our members joined us virtually all over Australia (and beyond) as we celebrated the highs and lows of 2020.

She Mentors Awards Night Video 2020 from Ali on Vimeo.

To my Dream Team Amelia Theodorakis Molly Burley Natalina Morelli and my Technical co-founder Brendon Nicholas for being the heart and soul of She Mentors.

TO ALL OF YOU, thank you for making 2020 something to be thankful for, against the odds.

Winners Announced

⭐ Mentor Of The Year - Ann Pocock

⭐ Best Comeback - Soraya Cahill

⭐ Biggest Win of 2020 - Sarah Kerr

⭐ Rising Star - Lakshita Bajwa

⭐ Most Supportive Member - Melissa Martin

⭐ Most Courageous Moment - Jessica Bilston-Gourley

Top of The Charts:

⭐ Most Popular She Mentors Podcast episode - Leisa Molloy

⭐ Biggest Event - Jane B Taylor 'Fierce Self Compassion'

⭐ Most Loved Up Mentor Hour - Hannah Scherwitzel and Shonny Davis

⭐ Best Collab - Amy Leong Sherry Emami Ajita Joshi

⭐ Most Active Community Member - Claudia Navarro

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