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Living And Working With Asperger's Syndrome

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About this podcast

In the latest She Mentors podcast, we interview Ashleigh Wilson, a neurodiversity advocate with Asperger's Syndrome.

Ashleigh is one of Brisbane’s Top Women In Tech and has spent the last year changing the conversation around Asperger’s Syndrome and encouraging employers and business owners to see the benefits of hiring neurodiverse talent.

After being bullied for being different throughout her childhood, she spent the first part of her life hiding who she really was, "disguising herself as normal".

Years later, in a new role she loved, she experienced an anxiety episode which prompted her to tell her manager she had Asperger's. Instead of feeling isolated and alone, she suddenly felt empowered to tell her story.

Since then she's gone on speak at Pause Fest; been listed in Brisbane's Top Women In Tech; and has found her voice as an advocate for neurodiversity. She also gives back 1 hour each month to help others in the She Mentors community, too.

Connect with Ashleigh on LinkedIn or follow her on Twitter @ashlebug. Ashleigh is also available for The Mentor Hour too, so book her hour here.

We discuss

👉 Living and working with Asperger’s Syndrome

👉 The importance of speaking out

👉 How to attract neurodiverse talent to your company

👉 The benefits of Asperger’s Syndrome

👉 Empowering through advocacy

About Ashleigh Wilson

Ashleigh Wilson is a young woman in tech. At 3, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome and so, she cares deeply for encouraging neurodiverse thinkers to use their unique approaches and ways of seeing the world to benefit their workplaces.

Equally, Ashleigh is passionate about spreading awareness on how neurodiverse people are already creating benefits for the companies they work for and how breaking down the misconceptions of neurodiversity is essential for a successful business.

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