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About this podcast

In this episode, we chat with Alexis Harvey, a money and mindset coach from Melbourne who helps entrepreneurs change the way they think and manage their finances.

Four years ago Alexis developed her own money management system, The Abundance Planner & Tracker, which she now teaches to clients all over the world. It was this tool she used to save over $30k in a year!

In this podcast episode, we discuss th traps that business owners fall into with money; the importance of 'being present' when spending; and the reasons you need to track every penny you spend, every single day.

Alexis has some great tips for reviewing your finances at the EOFY and how to stay on top of your finances and feel in control of your spending in 2020.

About Alexis Harvey

Alexis helps soulpreneurs transform the way they think about money and create a system to manage their finances that gives them more freedom and choices. Her (w)holistic approach enables her clients to uncover limiting beliefs and take practical action towards their financial goals.

Four years ago, Alexis developed her own money management system, which is now used across the world. She is the creator of the transformational program, The Wealth Worthy Journey which sees her students radically increase their income, self-worth and net-worth.

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