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Podcasting & How to Leverage It To Build Authority

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About this podcast

Want to boost your reputation and build your authority? Launching your own podcast – or appearing on someone else's – can help establish you as a thought leader in your industry or niche.

In today's episode of She Mentors, we chat with podcast expert Melanie Colling about the power of podcasting in 2020, and how we, as leaders, coaches and business owners, can utilise this medium to grow our influence.

Melanie Colling is a Chief Connection Agent and Partner at Experts On Air, Founder of Purpose Driven Projects and co-host of The Business Connections Podcast. 

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We discuss:

👉 Benefits of podcasting for thought leaders, coaches & business owners
👉 Should create your own podcast?
👉 How to stand out in a crowded market
👉 Pitching yourself to someone else's podcast
👉 The importance of having a 'hook'
👉 How to leverage a podcast interview to sell yourself

About Melanie Colling

Melanie Colling is the Founder of Purpose Driven Projects, co-founder of Experts On Air - Podcast Booking Agency, host of the Business Connections Podcast and Amazon International best-selling co-author of ‘You Are A Genius’.

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