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The Importance Of Paid Parental Leave

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About this podcast

In this podcast episode I chat with Gemma Lloyd the co-founder of Work180, a jobs platform with a difference: Work180 publishes information around employer’s pay equity, flexible working and paid parental leave policies, so you can suss them out before you even apply for a job. 

So for lots of women out there this is a fantastic resource because you can do your homework and see which companies that support diversity, inclusion and equality.

Both Gemma and I are currently pregnant which naturally steers us in the direction of talking about paid parental leave – not ‘maternity leave’ which is just for women, but why it’s important for men and same-same sex couples to have this kind of support.

We discuss:

👉 Why paid parental leave is more important than ‘maternity’ leave

👉 How to broach the subject of parental leave with your employer

👉 Return-to-work policies and flexible working

👉 Why companies need to be transparent about their policies

👉 Unconscious bias and the Gender Pay Gap

👉 What the top companies are doing to support diversity and equality

👉 The importance of elevating women in the workplace

About Gemma Lloyd

Gemma Lloyd is an award-winning entrepreneur, whose focus is on empowering women and improving workplace equality.

A passionate advocate for gender equality, Gemma is a keynote speaker, takes part in expert panel discussions and provides commentary for media outlets such as ABC Radio, Channel 7 and Sky Business News.

In 2017, Gemma was a finalist in the Telstra Business Women's Awards 2017 in two categories (For Purpose and Young Business Woman) and in 2016 won WIT Entrepreneur of the Year.

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