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Why Are Women Still Being Sidelined For Leadership Roles?

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About this podcast

Women are still being sidelined for leadership roles in 2019, a revealing new report has found.

Conrad Liveris, one of Australia’s leading employment and workplace experts, has released new stats that show the number of female CEOs in ASX200 has fallen. So we invited Conrad onto the podcast to take a deep dive into the latest stats.

We discuss:

👉 Why there are only 11 female CEOs in ASX200

👉 How and why you should conduct a Gender Pay Gap audit at work

👉 The importance of demonstrating your “technical proficiencies”

👉 How to build a network around you and drive change within your organisation

👉 Why you should constantly ask for feedback

About Conrad Liveris

Conrad Liveris, BA CertGovRisk MComm AFRCS, is a corporate adviser and labour market economist working with leaders and organisations to improve their performance and impact.

He is also the Executive Officer of The Piddington Society.

He is held in high regard by the Australian business community for his independent, straight-forward advisory and consulting services, and works closely with leaders across industries and sectors.

He previously held management and operational roles in government and the private sector, including managing teams across states.

Practical and analytical, Conrad quickly goes to the heart of the problem to seek solutions.

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