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Doors to the membership will reopen in January! Hop on the wait list to be notified of our next enrolment 🙌

Tired of being underpaid, undervalued and underrepresented at work? 🙋‍♀️

Come join a growing movement of women taking part in our flagship program The Mentor Hour and share knowledge, skills and experiences with your peers.

❤️ Pledge 1 hour p/m to help someone else

❤️ In return, browse HUNDREDS of member profiles and book 2 mentoring sessions every single month.

❤️ Meet in-person or online, it's completely your choice!

This is the place to bounce ideas, learn new skills and bond over shared experiences. Grab a coffee, hang out on Zoom... whatever works best for you!

Get ready to feel excited, energised and inspired as you step into your power and fast-track your success in 2023 🚀

What makes She Mentors different?

What makes She Mentors different?

The best thing about She Mentors is the opportunity to give and receive mentorship. It's a network packed FULL of influential women who are happy to share their knowledge over a coffee (or wine!).

Bounce ideas, get a fresh perspective or explore new trends, all from the comfort of your own home. No sneaky sales pitches, no superficial conversations... just a bunch of lovely humans joining forces to drive change.

We now have communities in all major cities around Australia and NZ, including regional areas, so in-person Mentor Hours are going strong ✨

Who is the membership for?

Who is the membership for?

Purpose-driven women from all walks of life 🙌 We're home to professionals, business owners, NFPs, mums, expats, consultants, agencies, thought leaders, speakers, marketers, authors, psychologists, leaders, HR folk, CEOs... (should we go on?!)

But it's not about your job title. It's about the shared purpose of helping advance women at work. As Forbes reports, "diversity of thought breeds creativity and drives innovation" and we see this play out every single day.

Ready to feel excited, energised and inspired as you step into your power and make a difference in the world? 🚀

Is this membership right for you?

Is this membership right for you?

Our members have described She Mentors as “magical”, “life changing”, and “deeply affirming”.

Why? It’s all down to our community and the values we share 🥰. The reciprocal nature of our membership means we only attract women who genuinely want to empower others.

✔️ You are a true champion of women and believe in the power of collective knowledge, diversity of thought and equal opportunities

✔️ You’re excited about giving an hour each month to help someone else

✔️ You’re a continuous learner, hungry for progress and always on the lookout for that next big opportunity

✔️ You’re “glass half-full kinda gal”, forever the optimist and eternally grateful for the small things in life

There's no pressure to 'have all the answers' or to provide direct advice or coaching. It's just an opportunity to share your knowledge over a cuppa. Read more in our FAQs

How exactly does it work?

How exactly does it work?

Create a member profile and pledge 1 hour each month to help someone else. Your profile will be visible to our private network of She Mentors members, who can then book in time to chat with you.

In return, browse hundreds of members profiles and book 2 mentoring sessions every single month.

Filter by industry, skills and location to find members in your local area (and all over Australia & NZ) who can help you take the next step in your career or business.

Membership is billed monthly at $44.99 AUD and includes access to our tech platform, HUGE network of members, free events, meetups and community support 🥳

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