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2022 Launch Party 🎉

Doors are closed!

Thank you to everyone who joined the 2022 cohort! The exclusive member rate has now ended. Feel free to join at full price below anytime.

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Don’t let the never-ending lockdowns, travel bans and constant uncertainty break your beautiful spirit. What you need is a fresh perspective, clear direction and a renewed sense of purpose that will help you leap out of bed in the morning 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

You crave genuine connection and diversity of thought… but you’re stuck at your desk, staring at the same four walls day-in, day-out, hoping for a lightbulb moment..

You’re not alone! In fact, there are literally HUNDREDS of other women joining the She Mentors movement who feel exactly the same way

Our flagship program ‘The Mentor Hour’ gives you the opportunity to meet women OUTSIDE your usual circle and book 1:1 virtual mentoring sessions at your fingertips. Likewise, you can create a profile and share your knowledge too!

What's included in the membership?

What's included in the membership?

Unlock incredible growth opportunities by booking 1:1 virtual (and in-person) mentoring sessions with anyone on the platform, every single month! You'll also have the opportunity to give back and share your knowledge, too.

Membership includes all online events, local community-lead meetups and a buzzing community that will show up for each other every single day.

Who is the membership for?

Who is the membership for?

Purpose-driven women from all walks of life. Whether you're a professional, business owner, full time mum or freelancer, She Mentors celebrates your uniqueness. We love to hear career stories, lessons learnt; ah-ha moments; wins; failures; frustrations; and the general highs and lows of life!

This isn't a sales platform. It's a heart centred community that thrives on diversity of thought and a genuine need to help each other.

This is about making a difference

This is about making a difference

The 'give and take' of our membership is what maintains the spirit of the community and ensures we only attract beautiful souls, committed to helping each other succeed ✨

This is why everyone in our membership has a profile and is available to be booked for Mentor Hours. There's no pressure to 'have all the answers' or to provide direct advice or coaching. It's just an opportunity to share your knowledge over a cuppa. Read more in our FAQs

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We ask all members to complete their profile before taking part in The Mentor Hour. This ensures that you are available to help others, should they need it.

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