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Community Code Of Conduct

Community Code Of Conduct

Congratulations on being a part of She Mentors, you are embarking on a truly special experience and we can't thank you enough for making a difference.

In order to maintain the generous spirit of the group, we ask all members to agree to our Community Code Of Conduct:

I agree to:

  • Offer support and guidance to other members in the community
  • Share my knowledge and experience when booked for a Mentor Hour
  • Respond in a timely manner to Mentor Hour bookings (3-5 working days)
  • 'Politely decline' a booking if you genuinely don't feel equiped to help
  • Be respectful, kind and courteous at all times
  • Prepare for my Mentor Hours by taking 5 minutes to read their profile
  • Always book Mentor Hours through the platform (not on Facebook and LinkedIn) to ensure the mentor doesn’t get double-booked
  • If I need to cancel my booking, I will visit Requests and hit 'cancel'. This 'refunds' all Mentor Hours and alerts admin.
  • Share any negative feedback with
  • Alert admin if your mentor doesn’t respond to your booking within 3-5 working days
  • Read the ‘Mentoring Services’ outlined in terms and conditions

I understand that:

  • I do not need to provide coaching or ‘advice’. Simply sharing my knowledge is enough
  • Anything discussed in Mentor Hours remains private and confidential
  • Mentors are not available for ongoing, repeat-bookings through the platform
  • If I need ongoing support from a specific Mentor, I will organise this externally and offer to pay
  • If life gets busy and I’m unable to commit to The Mentor Hour, I can pause my membership for up to three months by emailing the team at
  • The She Mentors team may share content posted in the Facebook group across other social platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We refrain from sharing sensitive and personal stories, however, if you wish for us to keep your content private, feel free to send us an email to let us know
  • This is a pitch-free space. No hidden agendas.

If you notice that someone is not abiding by the Community Code please reach out to Got more questions about the membership? Read our FAQs or get in touch directly, we always love to hear from you.

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