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Member Profile Template

Member Profile example - Template - She Mentors

Member Profile Template

Not sure what to write for your member profile? No worries. Here is a quick and easy template to make it super easy for you to get started.

Simply fill in the blanks, copy it across to your profile, and away you go!

Copy & Paste 👇

Hello 👋 My name is [x] and I have [x] years experience in [insert industry], working across [insert 2-3 examples].

Right now, I’m working in / taking a break from / starting a new role in… [ix] and would love to gain knowledge in [x].

I live with [friends, family, dogs, cats] in [insert city] and am keen to meet other She Mentors members both virtually and in-person.

I’m passionate about / care about [insert topics] so always happy to chat and share knowledge/experiences in this space!

Other tips and tricks

  • Copy and paste your bio from LinkedIn
  • Use ChatGPT and bullet point your experience and ask it to create a 300-word summary of your experience.
  • Browse other member profiles to get some inspo!
  • Remember, you don't have to be an expert in your industry or skill sets. All we ask is that you share your stories and experiences to other members with absolutely zero pressure to be the best in the biz.
  • The more specific and detailed your bio, the more likely you are to be booked – or recommended by our Customer Success team. There's no such thing as too much experience over here!

Don't forget to read our Community Code of Conduct and remember we're always on hand to help if you have a specific questions.

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