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Preparing For Your Mentor Hour

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Preparing For Your Mentor Hour

Congratulations on booking a Mentor Hour! This is your opportunity to share knowledge, wisdom and skills with other women in business

What to expect

These sessions are designed to be relaxed and informal. The Mentor is not expected to 'coach' or provide direct advice. All we ask is that you provide a warm, welcoming environment to exchange ideas, skills and wisdom.

Most of our Mentor Hours are done online via Zoom. Calendar invites and Zoom links should be set up by the Mentee. Feel free to use other tools like FaceTime, Google Hangouts if that suits you better!

If you're meeting in person (hurrah!), then the mentee shouts the coffee

Tips for the Mentee

Be prepared with questions for your Mentor (we recommend sharing these before for your session) and come ready to listen and take notes.

Please remember that this is a mentoring session – not a coaching session – so you may not come away with all the answers but you will likely benefit from a fresh perspective and the clarity you need to move forward.

Always be respectful of the Mentor’s time and aim to wrap up the session within 1 hour. If you’re meeting in person, the Mentee always shouts the coffee.

Tips for being a great Mentor

Tips for the As mentioned above, you are not expected to ‘coach’ or provide ‘direct advice’ to your Mentee. All we ask is that you create a welcoming environment to exchange ideas, skills and wisdom!

Some people like to do some research before the session, such as looking at the Mentee’s LinkedIn profile; their website; or social media handles. But this is not required, and is completely optional.

We ask all our members to approach these sessions with integrity and kindness. No sales pitches or hidden agendas.

Can I re-book the same Mentor?

Yes, you can book a follow-up session with the same Mentor, however this isn’t a platform for long-term mentoring / coaching. If you would like to establish this type of relationship, this can be agreed in advance with your Mentor and may be subject to ongoing payments, at the Mentor’s discretion.

What happens after the session?

Stay in touch! Share your progress and keep each other updates. You’ll most likely see each other online at our events, such as Book Club, our monthly Masterclasses and VIP Masterminds.

We may also ask you to give us feedback about your Mentor Hour so we can keep improving the platform.

Don’t forget to take a photo!

Take a snap of your Mentor Hour for your chance to win a FREE month's membership! Simply share your photo inside our private Facebook group and on Instagram or LinkedIn! Don't forget to tag @shementors and use the hashtag #TheMentorHour so we can see you in action! Best photo / caption at the end of the month, wins!

Got more questions? Read our FAQs and Rules & Guidelines.

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