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Rules & Guidelines

  • Rest assured, this is a safe space for sharing knowledge, experiences and life stories.

    The mentor is not expected to 'coach' or provide direct advice. All we ask is that you provide a warm, welcoming environment to exchange ideas, skills and knowledge. Please only share what you're comfortable with and know that it's okay to set your own boundaries.

    Some issues discussed in Mentor Hours are private and confidential. Please make sure this is communicated to your Mentor/Mentee during the session.

  • Please try to respond to Mentor Hour bookings within 3-5 working days if possible. If you're unable to facilitate a Mentor Hour, that's totally okay!

    If you're unable to commit, or genuinely don't feel equipped to help, you can "politely decline" in the email booking and this will automatically cancel the request.

    Alternatively, you can let the Mentee know and CC in so we can assist in booking another suitable mentor.

    While we understand life gets busy, we always want to make sure emails are responded to.

  • We ask all our members to approach The Mentor Hour with integrity and kindness. No sales pitches or hidden agendas.

    Please refrain from offering your products or services during a Mentor Hour, unless initiated by the other member. By all means talk about what you do and be proud of the amazing business you have! But avoid direct sales or hidden agendas.

    If you would like to promote your product or offer, we have a monthly #ShareYourOffers post inside our members Facebook Group where you can share with our community. This occurs on the first Friday of every month and is pinned to the top of the page.

  • We are a mentoring platform so we LOVE helping each other. Please offer support, guideance and recommendations to help each other succeed. If you aren't able to help with something, feel free to recommend another member!

  • Please ensure you book Mentor Hours on the She Mentors platform (not through LinkedIn or FB messenger etc), otherwise our team will not be able to track hours given and the Mentor may be double booked. We want to protect the time of each Mentor, so please go through the platform.

  • We encourage lots of interactions and posts within our member Facebook Group, however we want to keep our membership space one that is filled with a variety of member contributions and sharings. Please refrain from repeat-posting, self-promotion or sharing irrelevant links.

  • At the end of each month we create a #ShareYourWins thread in our private members Facebook Group where we encourage members to share wins / fails / learnings for your chance to win a prize. This happens on the last weekend of the month and will be pinned to the top of our Facebook Group.

  • We love to share content across our social platforms (always refraining from sharing anything private or personal), however please let us know if you wish not to be named.

  • If you have any membership queries, please feel free to email our admin staff at and we will be happy to assist you.

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