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Cairns Launch 🎉

Doors are OPEN! 🏃‍♀️

She Mentors is officially launching in Cairns and we're looking for Founding Members to help us build the local chapter! Watch the video replay above and use discount code EASTCOAST and enjoy a VIP membership for $29.99 p/m forever.


Hurry! Offer expires Friday 19th November!

An exciting opportunity to become a founding member of She Mentors Cairns.

Join She Mentors and take part in our flagship program, The Mentor Hour. Each month book 1:1 Mentor Hours with anyone on the platform and exchange skills, insights and stories with like-minded women in business, all over Australia. Likewise, your profile will be visible to other members, too.

Watch the replay of our launch event and learn more about this unique opportunity to invest in yourself, and the women around you. Are you ready to make a difference?

Why are you expanding to Cairns?

Why are you expanding to Cairns?

We are keen to build our membership base in each major Aussie city. Melbourne is our home, with hundreds of members. During COVID we saw an influx of women around Australia join She Mentors.

To keep those local relationships flourishing, we’d love to gather a small group of founding members in each region, so you have the choice to meet online or in-person.

Why become a founding member?

Why become a founding member?

Back in 2019, our founding members enjoyed a discounted price to join our membership. Many of those members are still with us today and will enjoy lifetime access at that price.

We would like to offer the same for the founding members in each city. For just $29.99 p/m you can tap into an incredible network of women and exchange knowledge. You can attend our events, join our private Facebook group and help us host in-person events. You will also be invited to add 'Founding Member' to your LinkedIn profile!

This is about making a difference

This is about making a difference

The 'give and take' of our membership is what maintains the spirit of the community and ensures we only attract beautiful souls, committed to helping each other succeed ✨

This is why everyone in our membership has a profile and is available to be booked for Mentor Hours. There's no pressure to 'have all the answers' or to provide direct advice or coaching. It's just an opportunity to share your knowledge over a cuppa. Read more in our FAQs

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