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Wish you could grab a coffee with someone in your industry and pick their brain? 🙋‍♀️ Keen to share knowledge with other women, but not sure how?

Join She Mentors and take part in our flagship program, The Mentor Hour. Each month book 1:1 Mentor Hours with anyone on the platform and exchange skills, stories and insights with like-minded women, all over Australia.

Likewise, your profile will be visible to other members, too. This is a unique opportunity to both give and receive mentorship. To invest in yourself, and the women around you. Are you ready to make a difference?

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Step 1: Create Your Profile

Tell us about yourself so we can match you with mentoring opportunities! This is the perfect opportunity to share your skills, experience and knowledge. What are you passionate about? Struggling with? We're here for you.

Step 2: Book a Mentor Hour

Each month, browse hundreds of member profiles and book a 1:1 Mentor Hour with anyone on the platform. Get those burning questions answered; bounce ideas with industry peers; or speak to someone who's been there and done it.

This means you're constantly growing your network and building meaningful relationships with influential women.

Step 3: Be ready to help

Your profile will be visible to other members in case they'd like to book an hour with you (1 per month). The 'give and take' is what maintains the spirit of the community and ensures we only attract beautiful souls, committed to helping each other succeed

Don't worry, there's no pressure to 'have all the answers' or to provide direct advice or coaching. It's just an opportunity to share your knowledge over a cuppa. Read more in our FAQs

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It's free to snoop around & view your matches!

No agendas or sales pitches, just women helping each other out

    Grow Your Network

    Accelerate Your Success

    Share Your Knowledge

    Find Your Peeps!

Is this membership right for you?

There are 12 million professional women in Australia. Imagine if there was one platform that helped everyone share knowledge. That's our vision for She Mentors.

This membership is for women who see the HUGE untapped potential in exchanging knowledge with people outside their usual circle. It's an opportunity to expand your network, broaden your horizons and unlock incredible growth opportunities 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️

We deliberately mix business with pleasure; startup with corporate; beginners with experts. Come and meet industry peers, growth mentors, mindset coaches, career counsellors, creatives, people geeks, thought leaders, CEOs, business owners, new mamas, job seekers and everyone in between! We understand that for you to succeed, you need more than just one mentor. You need a team.

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