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How does it work?

Wish you could grab a coffee with someone in your industry and pick their brain? πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈ Keen to share knowledge with other women, but not sure how?

Join She Mentors and take part in our flagship program, The Mentor Hour. Each month book 1:1 Mentor Hours with anyone on the platform and exchange skills, insights and stories with like-minded women in business, all over Australia.

Likewise, your profile will be visible to other members, too. This is a unique opportunity to both give and receive. To invest in yourself, and the women around you. Are you ready to make a difference?

Step 1: Create Your Profile

Tell us about yourself so we can match you with mentoring opportunities! This is the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent, knowledge, skills and experience.

Step 2: Book a Mentor Hour

Each month, browse hundreds of member profiles and book a 1:1 Mentor Hour with anyone on the platform. Get those burning questions answered; bounce ideas with industry peers; or speak to someone who's been there and done it.

This means you're constantly growing your network and building meaningful relationships with influential women in business.

Step 3: Be ready to help

Your profile will be visible to other members in case they'd like to book an hour with you (1 per month). The 'give and take' is what maintains the spirit of the community and ensures we only attract beautiful souls, committed to helping each other succeed ✨

Don't worry, there's no pressure to 'have all the answers' or to provide direct advice or coaching. It's just an opportunity to share your knowledge over a cuppa. Read more in our FAQs

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No agendas or sales pitches, just women helping each other out

    Grow Your Network

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    Share Your Knowledge

    Find Your Peeps!

Is this membership right for you?

If you're craving connection and love meeting people, then you'll feel right at home with us. Our membership is full of women who want their lives to mean something.

At She Mentors, we celebrate the journey, not the destination. We know there will be times when you're feeling on the top of the world, kicking goals and leaping out of bed in the mornings πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

There will be other times when you feel stuck, unmotivated and frustrated. You might be doubting your own abilities, second-guessing yourself or listening to that pesky inner critic.

You're not alone. This is exactly why She Mentors exists – it's a safe place to share the highs and lows. Our members will welcome you with open arms, celebrate your wins, and chat with you 1:1 about their experiences. Likewise, you'll do the same for them. Our 100% Happiness Guarantee means we always put you first. Nothings to lose, everything to gain.

Who is this membership for?

The sweet spot? Mid-level professionals, consultants and coaches looking for growth opportunities. It's for women who know they need to take the next step, but could use a little help getting there πŸ˜‰

It's for aspiring leaders, collaborators, connecters and change-makers who want to create a meaningful impact. It's for women who see the huge untapped potential in exchanging knowledge. Of giving back and making a difference.

Who it's not for? We don't offer StartUp programs or business accelerators for entrepreneurs. If you are a female founder who needs step-by-step support building a product-based business, we recommend checking out StartUp Vic.

What does a typical month look like?

Once you become a member you'll enjoy a personalised welcome in our Facebook group and meet other newbies in our kick-off coffee with She Mentors founder Ali Adey.

Each month you'll be able to book a 1:1 mentoring session with anyone on the platform. This is the perfect opportunity to tap into the collective knowledge of our community. Likewise, your profile will be available for others to book an hour with you πŸ™Œ

We host lots of events inside the membership, including Group Mentor Hours, Goal Setting & Accountability, Masterminds, Forums and monthly MeetUps. If you love meeting new people, choose the VIP option. Our events are engaging, interactive and fun!

At the end of the month, take part in our #ShareYourWins initiative inside the Facebook group. We will make a donation to one of our charity partners on behalf of the winner.

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