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Quietly Powerful with Megumi Miki

Join award-winning coach, author and LinkedIn Top Voice, Megumi Miki, as she shares the Quietly Powerful leadership research that turns our traditional view of powerful leadership on its head.

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Storytelling on Socials: How to Stop the Scroll

So how do we create content that pops? Whether it's Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok or Threads (yep, there's another platform vying for our attention 😅), good content is all about storytelling. Discover the secret formula of creating scroll-stopping content on social media with Jordana Brown.

Leadership Toolbox: Building Unshakeable Confidence

Confidence, just like any feeling, comes and goes, ebbs and flows, rises and falls. It's a habit that we can learn and cultivate Join Executive Coach and People & Culture Specialist, Helen Storckmeijer for an interactive workshop that will help you refresh, revisit and redefine your values, purpose and set some inspired goals for greater confidence and clarity.

How to Shift Our Unhelpful Thinking Patterns

Ever get stuck in the way you relate to others and feel like you are in Ground Hog Day? Join our conversation with Rebecca Christianson as she explores the latest neuroscience and psychology research into how our brain works.

Creating Powerful Partnerships with Canva

Ready to propel your business into the future? The perfect partnership can help you get there. Join our fireside chat with Kate Marsden, Head of Global Partnerships at Canva.

How to Build Trust and Credibility at Work

Discover how to cultivate respect in teams and be a trustworthy leader. Join us understand the importance of cultivating trust and respect within teams.

Who gives a Crap: Standing Out from the Crowd

How to Supercharge Your Productivity

Want to supercharge your productivity? Keen to use the latest trends and technologies, but not sure how best to utilize them? Join our panel discussion with Chloe Bright and Samantha Doctora.

How to sell with confidence

Ready to take your business to the next level? Time to master the art of sales with Sheena Burce

How to negotiate pay, flexibility & perks

Join Stephanie Lam for a deep dive on pay equity, money stories and negotiation

Career Roadmap Workshop

Create a clear vision on what you want to achieve in 2023.

Using Behavioural Science in Marketing

Want to cut through the noise and super-charge your business growth in 2023? Join our masterclass with The Toms

Future Pacing: Slowing Down to Speed Up

A bespoke workshop designed to help you slow down, reflect and reframe.

How to Launch your Big Idea

Getting ready to launch? Catch Taliah-Kate Byron's masterclass to discover everything to need to know!

The Psychology of Success (and Failure)

What's the formula for success? Our speakers unlock the secrets of having a psychology of success.

Breaking the Cycle of Burnout

Burnout specialist Sarah Vizer gives actionable tips to help you restore your healthy energy (and support those around you!)

Career Change: Should You Stay Or Go?

Join host Lori Scinto and guest speakers Lory Costa and Jude Stevens as we navigate career changes and the transition to find a more rewarding career.

How to Spark an Emotional Connection

Join Rashmi Watel as we explore deeper, more meaningful ways to develop relationships with co-workers, clients or friends.

How to Unlock your Creative Potential

Feeling a little uninspired? Watch the video replay of our How to Unlock your Creative Potential masterclass.

How to Elevate your Personal Brand through Podcasting

Discover the power and how to's of using podcasting as a way to leverage your reach and content with Vari McGaan and Jacqui Ooi.

Finding Balance and Fulfilment using Ikigai

This interactive workshop encourages you to design your life according to your core values and write your Ikigai action statement.

Mentor Awards Party 2021

We had an absolute ball at our Mentor Awards Party last night. A whole lot of giggles, tears and even a cheeky boogie!

From Start-up to Scale Up

Ready to take your business to the next level? We're joined by Sylvia Huang, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of BizPay.

How to Negotiate Effectively

If you're ready to negotiate a pay rise or thinking about a promotion or career move, this session of the Leadership Huddle will help you nail your game plan.

How to Handle Conflict at Work

Join our hosts and learn how to deal with difficult conversations

How to Play to Your Strengths

If you’ve ever struggled with comparison in the workplace or low confidence in your skills, this workshop is for you.

How to Boost Your Visibility at Work

Want to boost your visibility in the workplace, but not sure how? Keen to get noticed by colleagues, clients and your wider network?

Charging Your Worth

Do you know what your time is worth? Cat Marsden, Lee Doherty and Stephanie Menere discuss how to value your service and confidently ask for what you're worth.

Living Your Life's Purpose

Be inspired by the stories of two of Australia’s most successful purpose-driven women, Cathryn Wills (Sans Beast) and Stephanie Lam (Work180).

Shaking up the Future of Work with Chloe Bright

Join Chloe Bright for a Group Mentor Hour to discuss ways we can embrace feminine energy at work.

How Fear can Fuel your Growth

Let us help you start using fear as a tool for growth with Dr Amy Silver.

NEW! Leadership Huddle

Catch up on the action of our first Leadership Huddle session, with hosts Ann Pocock and Winitha Bonney.

Mindfulness and Chocolate Meditation

Sit back with a cuppa and chocolate while our hosts Chantelle and Michelle take you through a night of relaxation.

New Business Bosses - How to set up a business that can run without you

Join our New Business Bosses crew as they delve into the best ways to set up your business so that it can run the most efficiently.

New Business Bosses - Mindset and Motivation

Catch the replay of our most recent NBB session, where we discuss mindset and motivation.

Goal Setting and Accountability: Staying Motivated

Join our panel of coaches as we discuss motivational techniques to keep you on track with your goals.

International Women's Day Forum: Let's Talk About Discrimination

Join members of our community and podcast guests as we unpack all forms of discrimination and how to become better allies.

Group Mentor Hour: Time Saving Tips And Automations

Learn how to save time in your day with automations, systems and processes.

Goal Setting and Vision Casting Workshop

Join Deb Daly as she takes us through a vision casting exercise to set us up for our 2021 goals.

Goodbye 2020 Awards Night

Join our wonderful community as we come together to celebrate and reflect on the year of 2020 and what it has meant for our membership.

Instagram Masterclass

Cherie Clonan, founder of The Digital Picnic, runs the She Mentors community through the Instagram platform, and useful tips to make the most out of it for your business.

Group Mentor Hour: LinkedIn Trend Forecasting

Join LinkedIn expert Sally Illingworth as we delve into the trends of LinkedIn and how to leverage the platform effectively.

Group Mentor Hour: Facebook Ads

Join She Mentors member and Social Media Strategist Christine Pietersz as she takes us through the art of Facebook Ads and how to use them.

Workplace Bullying: Let's Take A Stand

We take a stand against bullying and invite three incredible members to share their stories.

Group Mentor Hour: Social Media

In this month's New Business Bosses session, our members brainstorm and discuss social media strategies and the different techniques that have helped them to boost their business branding.

Group Mentor Hour: PR For Small Business

Learn how to leverage PR for your business with Genevieve Alderman!

Group Mentor Hour: Sales Strategy

The New Business Bosses group kicks off an October session around Sales Strategy, and discusses the different techniques they have used to price their services and sell their value.

The Power Of Storytelling

TedX speaker Diana Nguyen shares her tips for creating powerful content

How To Connect With Your Core Confidence

Watch the video replay of our Core Confidence Masterclass with Kate Boorer and Fiona Pearman.

Fierce Self Compassion: A Kinder Way To Courage

An uplifting Masterclass that will change the way you think

How To Create Buzz Around Your Brand

Want to create buzz around your brand? Wish you could land those dream partnerships to take your business or profile to the next level? Join the next She Mentors masterclass

How to boost your visibility & get noticed

Dream of becoming a thought leader? Want to be recognised and respected by colleagues, clients and industry peers? It all begins with visibility and exposure.

Leadership Skills: How To Motivate & Inspire

Watch the video replay of our panel event in Melbourne

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Let’s make a conscious decision to think BIGGER. To get clear on our intentions in 2020.

Christmas Party & Awards 2019

Join She Mentors for our end of year Christmas Party as we celebrate the achievements and successes of 2019 with our Members.

How To Overcome Fear Of Failure

Join us for our event with Theresa Liew, a a change agent, leadership consultant and career coach for people going through turbulent change.

Future of eCommerce 2019

Join us for a Virtual MeetUp on the Future of eCommerce, delivered by three of our in-house eCom. experts, Kate Collinson, Emma Krouglova and Victoria Beal.

How To Build An Authentic Personal Brand

Join She Mentors in their event with Erin May Henry, founder of The Game Changer Co. and the queen of YouTube.

Pitch Perfect: How To Sell Yourself Authentically

Join She Mentors and Rachel Service, Founder of Happiness Concierge, as they share tactical ways professionals can get the word out about what they do in an authentic way.

How To Become A LinkedIn Influencer

Want to expand your network and get more exposure on LinkedIn? Learn how Sally A Illingsworth grew her LinkedIn following to over 50,000!

7 Steps To Side Hustle Success

Join She Mentors Founder, Ali Adey, as she takes you behind the scenes on how she created her profitable online business.

Leading Yourself To Influence

Join She Mentors and Dr Amy Silver, as they show you how to harness the power of your conviction in your goals, consciousness of your behaviour, and courage in your actions.

How To Embrace A Purposeful Mindset

Join She Mentors and guest Dr Kelly Windle, as she helps you hack your mindset and reclaim the space and support you need to succeed.

Workwear Style Party

Join She Mentors and guest Fleur Wood, Founder of How To Wear It, as she shared tips and tricks to getting your Summer Work Wardrobe looking sharp.

How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Struggle with self-confidence at work? Lack negotiation skills or self-belief? Many high achieving women suffer from 'Imposter Syndrome' - the fear of being uncovered as a fraud.

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